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        National hotline:400-600-3718
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        Ningbo Unit Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. is specialized in R&D, production and sales of car air compressor, car vacuum cleaners, car emergency tools, and automotive tools professional manufacturer.

        Company have three subordinate enterprises included Yuyao Unit Electric Tools Factory, Yuyao OuBo trading company and Yuyao Yinda Hardware Factory . We have perfect injection processing plant, die-casting plant and several production assembly working lines. Company employ many professional elites, based on our professional R&D team, we develop a variety of hot selling car air compressors and car vacuum cleaner series for local market and international market, and get more than 50kinds of Country patents. We have passed ISO:9001 QMS .Our products also have got CQC and GS, CE certification yet. Based on our good price and high quality, we already got huge market in local and in Europe, Southeast Asia and other markets in the world.

        Company consistently uphold the "honesty, cooperation, innovation, win-win" business philosophy. Adhere to forge ahead in unity, pioneering and innovative enterprise spirit. With honest attitude, perfect service, advanced technology , highly qualified personnel, sophisticated processing equipment, to constantly create classic fashion, energy efficient products. Get domestic and foreign customers and users praise. In local market the sales team  operate modern e-commerce, successful build “UNIT” and “LINGTUO” two brands. Now those two brands are very famous in China and already become one of the top “first choice auto accessories“brand.