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        National hotline:400-600-3718
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        Home  »  Products  »  Car vacuum cleaner


        Product specifications
        Vacuum suction(Vacuum degree) more than 2300PA
        product dimensions  
        Product net weight  
        Specification DC-12V with Cigarette lighter
        75W power
        Wet & Dry use with strong suction
        3m Operation Range Power Cord
        Working current:3.5-4A
        MAX AMP:6A
        certificate CE certificate
        Packing info
        Packaging Type gift color box with polybag
        Carton Size /pcs 51x36.5x52cm/20pcs
        N.W.: 13kgs
        G.W.: 14kgs
        20FT(28CBM) container  
        40HQ(68CBM) container